Classic, Chic Winter Wedding at Swynford Manor

Sophie & Liam got married on Valentines Day 2020 at Swynford Manor, a venue I’d been to once before but hadn’t been back to in a long time. It’s always interesting when you re-visit a location after a few years, and coming back to Swynford I saw it with totally fresh eyes. I really enjoyed the challenge of shooting somewhere with darker interiors, hunting for little pockets of light and choosing my moments more carefully.

There were so many things I loved about this wedding, from the sumptuous, Hollywood styling to the amazing lighting on the dancefloor in the evening (good lighting makes such a huge difference to the atmosphere, definitely worth the investment!). I think what I loved most though, was how relaxed and happy Sophie and Liam were throughout the whole day. Not one moment of stress (that I saw, anyway!) and so many big, natural smiles. It’s brilliant when a couple are as expressive and affectionate as these guys. Genuine, real emotion is the best thing you can capture in any wedding photo in my opinion.

Looking back at these photos a year on feels pretty surreal right now while we’re not allowed to see, hug or dance with our families and friends, but they also help remind me of the good times that are ahead.