Stunning Summer Wedding at Orchardleigh Estate

Sometimes, certain weddings stick in my mind so clearly I’m pretty sure I could write out a minute by minute account of them. Ella and James’ wedding at Orchardleigh Estate is one of them, where I have so many memories in so much detail, that it’s a bit overwhelming where on earth to start writing!

I’ll start by recounting how it was one of those classic hot Summer days, where the sun was so warm that it felt more like the Mediterranean rather than the South West of England. The light was beautiful and bounced off the beautiful surroundings of Orchardleigh in the same dramatic way you see in films. I was so pleased to have Liz come along as our second shooter for the day, and while she spent the morning following James and the boys I was at the Royal Crescent in Bath with Ella and the girls.

Following a beautiful ceremony in a nearby church, we headed off to Orchardleigh for the reception. Ella and James had a surprise method of transport and arrived by helicopter, I loved seeing their guests’ expressions as it touched down in the gardens.

It was so hot during the drinks reception we decided to take most of their couple shots later on once things had cooled down, and we were treated to the softest, most gorgeous evening light. I prefer to be a lot more ‘hands-off’ for couple shots nowadays as I feel natural moments are far more authentic than staged poses, so just offered a bit of light direction as Ella and James took a walk around the gardens.

This wedding was packed full of beautiful moments and blessed with a great bunch of lively, expressive guests. I wish I could show you everything that happened, but have picked out just a handful of my very favourite shots to share with you here. I hope you enjoy browsing through this most perfect Summer wedding.