Folio Albums

Having digital copies of your photos is amazing but nothing beats having them in your very own wedding album. The Folio Album is the perfect choice if you’d like your wedding photos to last a lifetime.

These books are little treasures and become even more valuable with every year that passes. Your photos are printed with pin-sharp definition on archival quality fine art paper and bound in an embossed cotton or leather cover.

The pages are made with tactile fine art paper which has a soft, matte finish.

Prices start at £450 for a 50 page 8×8 book. Larger sizes are also available in 10×10 or 12×12, please please get in touch for a bespoke quote.

50 page 8×8″ Folio Album with ‘mist’ leather cover (£450)

Perfect colours and high definition printing

Edge to edge printing

Lay flat pages allowing photos to run over two pages seamlessly


Cover choices

Folio offer a great variety of cover colours, the most popular choices are ‘jade’ and ‘mist’ as they are complementary to so many wedding colour schemes. folio_leathers

Coffee Table Books

Coffee Table Books

Published June 9th, 2014

The Coffee Table Book is the perfect option of you’d like a large book which doesn’t feel quite as delicate as a the Folio Album.  Available in landscape format 12×8″ and square 8×8″ size, these books are laminated with a hardback picture cover and printed on premium, photographic paper with a lustre finish. The main difference between the Coffee Table ...Read More

Parent Albums

Parent Albums

Published May 30th, 2014

Parent Albums are smaller, duplicate copies of your main album and are now available in exactly the same cover materials. You can order 8×6″ size Parent Books when you purchase a 12×8″ Coffee Table Book or a 6×6″ Parent Book when you buy a premium Folio Album. For 8×8″ Coffee Table Books, parent copies are ...Read More

Second Shooter

Second Shooter

Published May 29th, 2014

During your search for a Wedding Photographer you’ve probably seen that a lot of us like to work in pairs, either with a partner or a Second Shooter. It might seem a bit strange at first but you’d be amazed at just how much a second photographer can enhance your coverage overall, especially if you’re ...Read More