Bo & Andy’s Chinese-English Fusion Wedding

When Bo and Andy got in touch about their Chinese-English fusion wedding I was ridiculously excited! First off, Bo has been a friend of mine since secondary school (we won’t go into details about how old that makes us now) so I knew that the man she was marrying must be pretty special! When she explained it would be a fusion wedding, mixing together traditional Chinese and English wedding customs I was on wedding photographer cloud 9. I didn’t know quite what to expect but after a long chat and a bit of research I knew it would involve door games, a Chinese tea ceremony and lion dancers along with the more familiar English traditions. Documentary photography is a huge part of what I do, so going into the unknown is really exciting for me. I had a good look at YouTube videos and Bo was amazing at explaining the significance of certain customs so I knew the key things to look out for.

The day began at Bo’s home with traditional Chinese door games. For those who don’t know, these are a set of challenges the groom must complete in order to see the bride. Bo’s sister had some good ones set up for Andy and they had all of us all in stitches before he was finally allowed in the house. Before leaving for the civil ceremony, they had a traditional tea ceremony in Bo’s parents lounge and left under a lucky red umbrella. After that it was onto Fawsley Hall for a change of outfit and the legal wedding.  Bo and Andy had their timings on point and we somehow managed to do a complete set of family photos, couple shots and they still had time to mingle. The afternoon continued with Bo and Andy both donning their kwas for a larger tea ceremony in Knightly Court, followed by a special lion dance. More challenges lay ahead as both Bo and Andy had to catch oranges expelled by the lion before being presented with their marriage scroll.

By evening I was absolutely exhausted but totally buzzing from this amazing day. I could have posted hundreds of images from this wedding but have tried to keep it short and sweet. Hope you enjoy this stunning wedding!

Spring Wedding Photography at Sissons Barn

Spring Wedding Photography at Sissons Barn

Published November 21st, 2019

Heading into Spring bright eyed and bushy-tailed after a long winter’s break, I was super excited to photograph my first wedding at Sissons Barn and Peterborough Cathedral for Ellie and Steve! These guys had been so much fun to work with right from the word go, right down to sending me the cutest card when ...Read More