Best of 2019 Wedding Photography

It’s finally here! My annual round-up of 2019, and wow was it hard work choosing which images to share this year. I’ve probably spent over ten hours shuffling and re-shuffling this blog post, starting with over two hundred images from all 25 weddings I have permission to show, and finally narrowing it down to just a hundred of my favourite frames.

2019 was a particularly special year for me, because it was also the year I married my wonderful husband. Even though I’ve spent the last eight years documenting weddings, nothing really prepared me for all the emotions of our own wedding day. I’ll write a separate blog post on how my approach and style has changed for the better since getting married, but I really feel the experience has made me a better photographer all round.

Another highlight was winning the Highly Commended prize for Best East Midlands Wedding Photographer in the 2020 Wedding Industry Awards, an absolute honour and the most incredible way to top off the year. I don’t enter many awards but was absolutely thrilled to be placed in the top three photographers for the entire region.

Now back to my favourite images of 2019… it was incredibly hard picking what to post here, but I feel the pictures I have chosen reflect what I do best and what my photography is all about. I find myself most drawn to photos which show love, friendship, laughter and energy, along with those that show the more quiet and thoughtful moments in between.

Thank you SO MUCH to all the couples who put me in charge of collecting their memories and allowing me to post them here. Can’t wait to see what 2020 has in store!


Best of 2018 Wedding Photography

Best of 2018 Wedding Photography

Published December 31st, 2018

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